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Wolf Pack North West Hockey League

Spring NWHL Team Rosters

Below you will see the rosters for the Spring 2017 NWHL Season.  You will receive an email from your coach within the next 48 hours.  If you don't receive an email, please contact Katy Fong for Coach contact information. 

Mite Black - Coach Austin
Aaron Romans
Allison Sexton
Caleb Stout
Daniel Dubiel
Goodwin Roy
Jake Linkowski
John Spencer
Joshua Maas
Olaf Jargola
Parker Peterson
Shane Cerniglia


Mite Grey - Coach Keagan
Anthony Pocius
Arkan Moghrabi
Casey Nosek
Joselyn Neuman
Kaitlyn East
Kristen East
Lyric Bessey
Matthew Kalt
Nathaniel Choi
Nicholas Evensen
Nikodem Wawrzyn
Vojta Lukas

Squirt Black - Coach Glenn
Alexander Gaffney
Andrew Smego
Anthony Elenz
Bryston Rasmussen
Caden Taheny
Daniel Hanulik
Jacob Atkins
Matthew Remi
Patrick Sowa
Tin Quach
William Sinsabaugh
Yusei Kojima
Zach Parkhurst

Squirt Grey - Coach Alex
Devin Hughes
Giulio Mirandola
Jack Czajewski
James McGreal
James Reinke
Jeff Schroeder
Joseph Franta III
Ken Snow
Logan Fong
Lorenzo Robles
Lucas Gelardi
Riley Nosek
Robert Mazeikis
Will MacDonald

PeeWee Black - Coach Nicole

Billy O'Grady
Caden Sandusky
Charlie Moore
Domenico Lamberti
Frankie Mazeikis
Huber Myrda
Jimmy Theile
Joseph Tamondong
Konrad Myrda
Leo Rasmussen
Lukas Kurowski
Matthew Solov
Michael Mitera

PeeWee Grey - Coach Karl

Aaryn Nautiyal
Blake Ackland
Brian Zettlemoyer
Cole McKinley
David Fita
Dominic Bencini
Donny Nelson
J.D. Wardle
Kaden Peter
Marc Esser
Marcus Wardle
Ryan Bockelmann

PeeWee Red - Coach Jake

Aidan Medina
Brady Faulkner
Brooke Ward
Bryce Vosburg
David Nunes
Ethan Goldwater
Ethan Izumi
Grant Neuman
Jack Schane
Krystian Plizga
Lauren Goolish
Stephen Fitzsimmons
Tyler Lukowski
Vraj Shah

Bantam Black - Coach Bryan

A.J. Giacomin
Anthony Cannone
Anthony Tednes
Chris Adams
Connor Sanderson
Curtis Hoelzel
Daniel Kozlov
Drew Bruskin
Eric Goolish
Evan Rubenstein
Jack Buchanan
Leo Okazawa
Morgan Rees
Tyler Olsen
William Maramba
Zachary Jablonski

Bantam Grey - Coach Dan

Anthony Strossner
Anthony Woodcock
Benjamin Solov
Hubert Mendrycki
Jake Tippet
Jonathan Mazeikis
Joseph Passaro
Kounosuke Tsuchiya
Michael Lagioia
Nicholas Ciran
Paul Rubanau
Ryan Flanagan
Robert Gwiazdowski
Samuel Mazeikis
Sean Byrne
Tyler Thorby

2017 Spring Wolverines Rosters

Congratulations to all of the Wolverines Players.  
Below you will see the rosters for the Spring 2017 Season.  


All girls teams will be participating in a Girls Only Skills Practice (Tuesday) and 3on3 Small Area Games (Thursdays).  The Tournament team will partake in 2 weekend tournaments during the season - dates TBD.  The NWHL teams will play 8 regular season games between April 1st and May 21st and additional games during playoffs with the season ending by June 11th.  

U14 Wolverines Tournament Team

Coach Dave & Coach Angelo

Kelly Gorbatenko
Mary Kate Schutt
Delaney Burke
Jordan East
Rachel Schumacher
Cici Roney
Dana Engstrom
Maddie Routhieaux
Kate Hill
Sophia Gorman
Brianna Jump
Sarah Pagels
Nicole LaFrenere
Natale Meler (G)


Wolverines PeeWee NWHL Team

Coach Kelly

Bo Blendow
Mia Cagann
Kelly Lenderman
Liz Little
Gioia Mangelli
Amanda Sexton
Alex Simzyk
Elise Daquila
Olivia Tednes
Eli Ternovits

Alyssa Zizas
Katherine Litte (G)

Wolverines Squirt NWHL Team

Coach Nicole & Coach Jason

Breanna Brown
Sam Ciran
Sofia Dy
Danika Gorbatenko
Nicole Gorbatenko
Rachel Gorbatenko
Michaella Kalt
Angelica Kasiolionis
Maddie Mack
Zoe Rose
Annie Varveris
Allison Hojek (G)

    Wolf Pack NWHL Spring Season Evaluations


    Would you like more information about Wolf Pack Spring Hockey? 

     Click here to learn more and register today!

    Players registered for NWHL Spring Wolf Pack is encouraged to  attend both of the following Evaluation Skates.


    Saturday, March 18th

    Mites - 9:00 am - Rink 2

    Squirts - 10:10 am - Rink 2

    Pee Wee - 11:20 am - Rink 2

    Bantam - 12:40 pm - Rink 2

    NWHL Wolf Pack Information



    The Wolf Pack Hockey Club is a successful member of the NWHL (Northwest Hockey League) house/travel league that has played against other programs in the Chicagoland area for many years.  This is a fun, competitive league where age levels with more than one team must be drafted to be as even as possible. In addition, players must receive balanced ice time as best as possible.

    The Wolf Pack program invests an enormous amount of time and effort ensuring teams get the very best coaching possible. Our staff is second to none.

    The league is ideal for the newer player as a stepping stone to playing travel hockey, or for the player that likes competition, but does not want the commitment and expectations of travel play. Players are eligible on a first come basis until team rosters are full.  Players deemed not yet ready for the level of play, will be recommended to continue in the hockey skills classes. 

    Most teams try to play in one or two tournaments a year. Some may be out of town. Teams average 3 x per week ice time which includes team practice, excellent skills sessions and home and away games.  

    Evaluations for the team drafts take place in Mid-March for the spring season with league play happening between April 1st and June 11th, 2017.

    Thursday, March 16th

    Mites - 6:00 pm - Rink 1

    Squirts - 7:10 pm - Rink 1

    Pee Wee - 8:20 pm - Rink 1

    Bantam - 8:30 pm - Rink 2


    Saturday - March 18th

    Mites - 9:00 am - Rink 2

    Squirts - 10:10 am - Rink 2

    Pee Wee - 11:20 am - Rink 2

    Bantam - 12:40 pm - Rink 2

    Below is the categories levels of play and the ages (birth dates) for each.  Spring season begins right after fall/winter season ends. As per Amateur Hockey Association (AHAI) rules players age categories move up one year at that new season.

    Note: Mite players cannot be later than 2009 birth years in this league.

    For Spring - players on NWHL will use reversible jerseys, and for Fall Players are required to purchase home and away jerseys.  There will be jersey fitting dates and details to follow for fall play.  A number database is maintain in order to enable players to use their jerseys for seasons in the future.

    Note: birth year 2010 and later can play Coyote AAU travel but not Mite NWHL as per USA Hockey rules

    1999    18 Years    Midget 18 & Under
    2000    17 Years    Midget 18 & Under
    2001    16 Years    Midget 16 & Under
    2002    15 Years    Midget 16 & Under
    2003    14 Years    Bantam 14 & Under
    2004    13 Years    Bantam 14 & Under
    2005    12 Years    Pee Wee 12 & Under
    2006    11 Years    Pee Wee 12 & Under
    2007    10 Years    Squirt 10 & Under
    2008    9 Years    Squirt 10 & Under
    2009/2010    8 & Under    Mite 8 & Under
    2011    6 & Under    6 and Under




    For ANY Questions…please contact Randy Jordan  ph 847 285 5501


    NWHL Webmaster - Katy Fong

    How do I create an NGIN Account?

    All team communications will be sent using your NGIN setup you create. Any additional email accounts must be added to your account. Each email address must be unique so it is in your best interest to setup a parent account and add your children and spouse to it for your household.

    Here are some options to help you setup your account if you are going through this the first time:

    You may watch this video to walk you through your NGIN setup:


    you may read these instructions:


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